Relationships Relationships

Love. Make it work.


The intimate relationships are one of the most vital part of a successful, balanced life. They impact our sense of wellbeing and quality of life in different ways.
The good

Scientific studies show us that people in positive relationships cope better with life challenges, have healthier lifestyles, enjoy better mental and physical health, and even live longer.

The bad

The psychological stress you go through when your intimate relationship is not working, is highly damaging to your mental and physical wellbeing. The relationship distress you might be experiencing at home, can easily spill into your professional life and affect your productivity at work.

The ugly

Neuropsychology fact – It’s possible to die from a broken heart! A variety of emotional stressors such as sadness, fear, extreme anger, or resentment, can lead to Stress Cardiomyopathy, a condition that weakens the heart muscle.

Is your relationship in need of some help? Not feeling happy with your communication, affection, emotional state, or physical intimacy? Do you often argue or have you started avoiding each other?

If you are seeking a fulfilling life partnership, yet are not clear about how to do so, let me help you. I work with both individuals and couples, always with the same goal - to offer them a set of strategies, tools and new skills to enhance the wellbeing of their relationship.

Recognise the most successful and most destructive relationship dynamics based on science.
How to build on the positive relationship aspects and how to repair the harmful ones.
Best ways to utilise positive behaviours that demonstrate your language of love.
'We’ vs ‘I’ and how to avoid behaviours that lead to breakup or divorce.
Resolve differences in three easy steps to restore relationship harmony.
I’ll coach you how to increase your emotional intelligence to manage any relationship better.
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